About Mike Lipe

Mike Lipe is one of the best and most respected Luthiers in the world. He has more than 35 years experience building and customizing guitars for some of the biggest names in music. Mike masterfully builds each guitar by hand from beginning to end.

Starting in the mid 70's, working in a music store, Mike learned the demanding craft of woodworking and finishing from an old violin maker. After eight years at the music store Mike left to work for guitar manufacturer "MIGHTY MITE". In 1982 Mike went into business for himself and became L.A.'s original "Guitar Doctor". After six years of building and customizing guitars for some of L.A.'s most respected musicians, Mike's business was purchased by IBANEZ in 1989. At IBANEZ Mike helped to create a custom guitar shop on the West Coast where he was a master builder of fine guitars for IBANEZ endorsers throughout the United States. After leaving IBANEZ, Mike went to YAMAHA and worked on the assembly and quality control of the "PACIFICA" line of guitars for two years. Recently from 2009-2011, he was building Peavey artist endorsement guitars.

Mike worked for HOFNER (known as Music Group), FENDER warranty service center for World Music in Santa Clarita C.A.. Currently is providing warranty service in the USA for "ZEMAITIS GUITARS".

There is nothing more wonderful than a guitar that is hand-built, by a Master.